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Western Star Heavy Duty Truck Radiator WS03 / HDC010866SK/DT

Western Star Heavy Duty Truck Radiator WS03
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Western Star Radiator
Part Number: WS03 
Condition: New

1995 - 2002 WS 4900 WA-WB Models

1995 - 2001 WS 5900 WA-WB Models

1995 - 2001 WS 6900 WC Model

Core Height: 33 3/4" Between Tanks
Core Width: 35 1/8" Fin Area Only
Core Thickness: 3"
Rows: 4
Inlet: 2 1/2"
Outlet: Flanged
Oil Cooler: No
OEM Numbers: 558084, WS03, 8000-84BT, 800084BT, 8000-84, 800084, WS03, WE2137, 238600, SCSI238600, TR8600, MOD1A15463, 1A15463, MOD1A15854G, 1A15854G, MOD3A38190D, 3A3819D, MOD1S0158540000, 1S0158540000, MOD1A0158540000, 1A0158540000, MOD1E0158540000, 1E0158540000, WWS2300013479, 200013479, WWS200013480, 200013480, WWS200013480SS, 200013480SS, WWS200024425, 200024425, 3A38190D, 1S0158540000, HDC010866DT

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Part Number: WS03