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Mack Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck WSR-1118

Mack Charge Air Cooler  - Heavy Duty Truck WSR-1118 (44MAC17B)
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Mack Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck
Part Number: WSR-1118
Condition: New
Applications: 1983 - 1991 Mack R & U Models
Core Height: 30 7/16 between the tanks
Core Width: 25 1/4 wide
Core Thickness: 2 5/8
Inlet: 4 inches
Outlet: 4 inches
OEM Numbers: 44MAC17B, WSR-1118, WSR1118, WSR-1118-N, WSR1118N, MAC17308-N, MAC17308N, MAC17308, BTC1118, BT1118, 1118, CAC118, SCSI222080, 222080, CA2080, 222119, SCSI222168, 222168, CA2168, SRMMAC17A, 44MAC17A, MADAC17A, SCSI1116U, 441116, 441116U, MK17A, MK17AMAX, 04C1205N, 17R911101, MAC011, 443002, SPI44013002, 44013002, RHT033, REA611019, ABPN09BH17A, 1E2787D, 1E3022, 1E3085, 1E3194, 1E3194D, 1E4014, 3MD13AM, 3MD13A, 3MD53B, 3MD13AC, 3MD51B, 3MD53, IE1014, IE2787D, IE3022, IE3085, IE3194, IE31940, IE3395, IE3408, IE3524, IE3589, IE3884, 4917204, 5325249000, 5329004000, 3MD514M, IE3525, IE4014, 17308, 2644208, 4644202, 525249000, 529004000, 4644200002, 4644200008, 4917200004, 5318865000, 1E1014, 1E31940, 1E3395, 1E3408, 1E3524, 1E3525, IE2587, 1E3589, 1E3884, 3MD13, 3MD51, 1E3194D, 3MD513MD13, 3MD51M, 3MD51B, 3MD53A, 1H606627, MD13, MAC3MD519, CACMAC004, QFC39010, MAC3MD13A, YMAC32004, IC9172, HDH010206

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Part Number: WSR-1118

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