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International Navistar Condenser - Heavy Duty C-PT40822P

International Navistar Condenser - Heavy Duty PT40822P
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International Navistar Truck Condenser - Heavy Duty

Part Number: C-PT40822P
Condition: New

1993 -2001 International Navistar 2000, 8000, 9200


Core Height: 27 3/4"
Core Width: 24"
Core Depth: 3/4"
Fittings: #8 MIO, #6 MIO
OEM Numbers:

650822, 24-30293, 2430293, 6128, PT40822, 40822, PT40822P, 1140822, 9240822, SCSI9240822, 3502006, 1513009, K1513009, 1513017, K1513017, 160033, PB1220, PL3508, 79016, SPI79016, EE01001039, 01301240, 1S11132, 1S0111320000, 1W011132, 1A17013G, 1A17015G, 1A17220G, 1A17221G, 1A17222G, 1A17223G, 1A17347G, 1A17348G, 1A17349G, 1A17350G, 1A18378G, 1A18379G, 1A18380G, 1A18385G, 1A18393G, 2004801C1, 2004801C2, 2004801C3, 2004801C4, 3500847C91, 3500848C91, 3500849C91, 3500850C91, 3503890C91, 040822, 04-0822, 1516733C91, 1516734C91, 1517904C91, 1517905C91, 1517907C91, 1517914C91, 1518654C91, 1518655C91, 1W011132, 2004400C92, 2004801C91, 2004801C93, 2004801C94, 2004801-C91, 2004801-C93, 2009528C92, 2009529C92, 2009530C92, 2009531C92, 2009532C91, 2009533C92, 2009534C92, 2018973C91, 2018974C91, 2018975C91, 2018976C91, 2018977C91, 2018978C91, 2018979C91, 2018980C91, 2024379C92. 2024380C92, 2024381C92, 2024382C92, 2024383C92, 2024384C92, 2024385C92, 2024386C92, 24-30293, 3500846C91, 3500851C91, 3500852C91, 3500853C91, 3501130C91, 3501131C91, 3501132C91, 3501133C91, 3502941C91, 3503891C91, 3515922C91, 3519332C91, A03-1268, HDH010082, C-PT40822, C-PT40822P, CPT40822P, A031268



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Limited one-year, unlimited mile, Nationwide Warranty.


Part Number: C-PT40822P

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