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Ford Sterling Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck WSR-1126 / HDH010217

Ford Sterling Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck WSR-1126(44FOR25A)
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Ford Sterling Charge Air Cooler - Heavy Duty Truck
Part Number: WSR-1126 
Condition: New

1992 - 1994 Ford Aeromax W/ Detroit Series 60 Engine

Ford LTL8000

Ford LTL9000 

Core Height: 39 3/8
Core Width: 27 1/4
Core Thickness: 1 5/8
Inlet: 4 1/2 inches
Outlet: 4 inches
OEM Numbers:

44FOR25A, WSR-1126, WSR1126, FOR19001-N, FOR19001N, FOR19001, BTC1126, BT1126, 1126, CAC126, SCSI222015, 222015, CA2015, FD25A, SPI44011501, 44011501, 441100m FODAC25A, DURFODAC25A, DHTFO25A, DHT25A, 374125A, 26501, RHT045, 17V9726, SRMFOR25A, FLX010101, 200521, EDE8HT6K775AF, E8HT6K775AG, 2803716, 28013716, E9HZ6K775C, 1003275, E9HZ6K775G, F0HZ6K775A, F0HZ6K775CA, 85103368, F1HZ6K775B, F1HZ6K775D, F1HZ6K775E, F3HT8009NA, 200597, 200520, 200500, 1E3712, 1E3710, 1E3709, 1E3708, 1E3539, 1E3507, 1E3436, 1E3396, 1E3246, IE3246, IE3396, IE3436, IE3507, IE3708, IE3709, E8HT6K775AF, E8HT6K775AB, F0HT6K775CA, FDHZ6K775A, E8HZ6K775H, EDE8HT6K775AE, F0HZ6K775AC, F2HT6K775B, E8HT14A284AC, F2HX6K77, FODAC-25A, 19001, 441100, F2HX6K775B, F4KZ6K775B, F8HT14A284AC, F9HZ6K775G, FOHT6K775CA, FOHZ6K775A, FOHZ6K775CA, IE3539, IE3710, IE3712, FD775B, 2000521, 775H, E8HT6K, E9HZ3K66775G, F05T6K775A, F05T6K775AC, F1HZ6775E, FDZ6K775A, CACFD001, FOR200500, IC4065, YFOR32004, HDH010217


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Part Number: WSR-1126